Paulette Tandy

Paulette Tandy

Associate Professor, UNLV Lee Business School


Dr. Paulette Tandy (Ph.D., Texas A&M University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Accounting at UNLV Lee Business School. In 2020 when the Lee Prize was created, Dr. Tandy was serving as the Interim Dean within the business school. Prior to that, she served as the Chair of the UNLV Department of Accounting for 13 years and joined the Lee Business School leadership team as Associate Dean in 2018. Over the years, Dr. Tandy has helped to forge a path for women in academic leadership in the Lee Business School, serving as the first female department chair, the first female associate dean, and the first female in a dean’s role in the LEE.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Dr. Tandy’s research and teaching interests focus on internal auditing. She developed and administers the UNLV Internal Audit Certificate program, which is one of only 35 programs in the U.S. endorsed and supported by the Institute of Internal Auditors. She has always enjoyed classroom interactions and curriculum innovation and has won numerous teaching awards, including the Spanos Distinguished Teaching Award, the UNLV Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Nevada Board of Regents Award.

She has been actively involved in the Las Vegas business community, working with local businesses to increase their involvement with the Lee Business School programs and students. She has belonged to several professional organizations and has served on various boards of directors.