The Results are In!

These five companies have been selected as a Lee School Prize winner. Their solutions aim to make the hospitality industry a safe place for employees and guests in the post pandemic world.


Covid-19 has displaced millions of employees and the companies in which they work. As the economy begins to build back up, Goodwrx has developed an AI powered platform that directly connects business with workers, equipped with payroll processing, IRS compliance, and worker’s compensation management. This platform provides an easy access way for employees and employers to find their perfect match, while improving daily operations within the hospitality industry.

Amount Awarded $150,000

Hotel Data Cloud

Hotel Data Cloud has developed a platform that acts as a central hub for hotels around the world to update and share their information with guests. With the use of consumer data, HDC has developed an algorithm to cater their search based on their preferences. The hospitality industry was halted by COVID-19 and Hotel Data Cloud wants to RESTART HOSPITALITY.

Amount Awarded $200,000


Maidbot has developed a robotic “technology that works to empower humans.” When guests visit a hotel, they want to feel comfortable in knowing that their hotel is following proper COVID-19 protocols and is up to the highest standards of cleanliness. Maidbot has created house cleaning robots that are 5x more efficient than cleaning robots currently on the market.

Amount Awarded $50,000


With an airborne illness like COVID-19, Promethium has developed a reactor that can purify up to 10x the amount of rooms that current filters on the market can purify. This technology was developed by our very own UNLV students and we are excited to share it with all of you!

Amount Awarded $250,000


Purlin After a study by the CDC discovered that the virus can live on pillows and sheets after prolonged contact with a guest with COVID-19. Purlin has developed a product that breaks down bedroom sheets to be re-made like new. This company seeks to rebuild and restore a feeling of safety and comfort for guests in hotels.

Amount Awarded $250,000

Nevada Innovators Award Winners

The selection committee was pleased by some of the submissions from Nevada-based companies and wanted to support their efforts to help in the recovery process. A sub-set of the Lee Prize – the Nevada Innovators Award – was created to recognize these teams with $25,000 each.

Simple Technology Inc

After conducting extensive research on Covid-19 and the problem of virus infection through indoor air, Simple Technology has developed a technology that seeks to disinfect Covid-19 through a heat chamber and release clean air back into an indoor environment. Simple Technology has manufactured multiple configurations to help disinfect the air, targeted towards the hospitality industry.

With Hayon’s patented technology, this company is specifically addressing the trace Covid-19 leaves on surfaces. The UV-19 provides a simple, effective and safe way to kill viruses on items through an intense UV light and speeds up the process through the use of a conveyer. Their easy to use and low maintenance equipment can serve as a key selling point to customers across all industries.

The Volan Positioning System is an unprecedented advance contact tracing personal alarm system for employees within the hospitality industry. Currently developing their technology in partnership with BlackFIre Innovation in Las Vegas, Volan can help track who has potentially come into contact with COVID-19 to ensure the proper measures are taken.