The Lee Business School at UNLV and the Ted and Doris Lee Family Foundation have created a global $1M Lee Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the goal of discovering solutions & providing funding for the process to bring ideas rapidly to market.

The competition is open to global entrants, those who have budding ideas, mature companies looking to pivot their manufacturing or business model to address the needs of the affected industries above, and startups who are seeking both access to advisory board members and/or access to the investor and end user marketplace.

Please watch this video, which highlights not only the aim of the Lee Prize but the process by which you will be able to submit applications and ultimately, how prize winners will be selected. We need leaders to help unite the university and the business community and partner with us in search of the innovative solutions needed to safely return employees to work, and people to doing many of the things they love.

The time is now. Invent the Future!

May 11
Submission Portal Opens

Submission portal has now closed.

July 5
Submission Deadline
July 6
Submission Review Begins
Aug 24-Sept 17
Finalist Presentations
Video Conferences will be held with selected finalists
Mid Sept
Winners Notified and Prizes Awarded
A total of $1,000,000 in prize money is available and will be allocated to the chosen winners at the discretion of the prize committee to maximize the impact of the funds.
Mid Sept - Mid Oct
Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Lee Business School and a leading US Law Firm will work with the prize winners to secure their intellectual property rights and establish appropriate incorporation, if needed. Thus, preparing the entrepreneurs for further investment.
Oct 27
Winner Debut and Demo Day
Come see the Discoveries & Meet the Entrepreneurs at a One-of-a-Kind Virtual Event
  • See presentations from the inventors & entrepreneurs
  • Walk the virtual trade show floor
  • Direct access one on one question and answer sessions with entrepreneurs
  • Enjoy unique opportunities to beta test new technologies or be first to market
  • Discuss investment, distribution, manufacturing, and more, with entrepreneurs

Hear from the winners

The Prize Committee will closely monitor prize winners’ progress over 12 months.
Market Launch
Bringing the solution to market.